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Training Times

Our training sessions are held weekly throughout the entire year.  Between the 1st September and the 30th June (i.e. most of the year round) training is held indoors at Sale Leisure Centre. During the months of July and August training is held outdoors at local parks.

Indoor training: Sale Leisure Centre, (September to June)

Start time:  8.00pm
End time: 10.00pm

A typical (indoor) training session begins with 30 minutes to practise shooting skills either in groups or on your own.  Following this one or more of the coaches will gather everyone together to begin a series of short structured training exercises.  These exercises will cover all aspects of the game including defence, attack, movement, general ball handling skills, tactics, passing, different shooting techniques... and many more.  Some exercises will involve everyone at once, others involving small groups.  New beginners will often work either in small groups together or given one-to-one coaching whilst they learn the rules of the game.  Towards the last 30-45 minutes of the session, we put all the skills we have learnt during the training into practice with a game.

Outdoor training: Walton Park, Sale (July & August)

Start time: 7.30pm
End time:  Until it's too dark (9pm to 9.30pm) or rain sends us packing to the pub!

Outdoor training gives the club a chance to practise playing on grass which is the typical surface for most tournaments.  These sessions begin immediately after we have laid down the court markings and set up the posts.  After a brief spell of shooting practice a game is organised and continues until it gets too dark to play any more or if rains sets in.