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Match Report: Manchester 1 vs Warriors 1, 5th February 2012

posted 12 Feb 2012, 03:52 by Anna Flanders   [ updated 12 Feb 2012, 03:55 ]

This Sunday saw the return fixture of the Manchester korfball derby. After suffering their first ever defeat to Manchester 1 at the Velodrome back in November, Warriors 1 were ready for revenge. They made the short trip to Sale determined not to suffer the same fate again.

Warriors gave a call to arms via Twitter earlier in the week, asking for a ten goal win but Manchester 1 weren’t going to make revenge that easy for them. Both defences were watertight to start with and a few minutes of tense action went by before Captain Coops finally found the korf and broke the deadlock. It had begun to look like one of those days for him with his first few shots narrowly missing. The floodgates opened, albeit temporarily and Manchester 1 glided to a 3-0 head start. It’s not like Warriors to roll over though and just as Manchester United were turning 0-3 into 3-3, Warriors turned 1-4 into 4-4 and it was game on.

Warriors managed to edge ahead just before half time and with the buzzer just beating them to another goal the teams paused at 5-6. After the break, a close game followed and Warriors just kept their noses in front. With three minutes to go they had opened up a three goal lead and held on until the final whistle. The hard fought game finally finished 14-11 to the blues, an aggregate score for the season of 24-24, which it has to be said is about right.

Match Report: Birmingham City vs Manchester 1, 20th November 2011

posted 22 Nov 2011, 12:35 by Anna Flanders

An 11th hour venue change saw Manchester 1 visiting Coventry this weekend to play a Birmingham City team full of new faces. With almost half their team from last season moving onto pastures new and Manchester 1 being in their best form for years it was unpredictable which way this match would go. Birmingham had suffered a shock defeat two weeks previously but with the return of their ‘big guns’ from World Cup duty in China things were looking up for them…until they couldn’t find a referee and Rich Crossley had to take charge instead of playing.


The game kicked off in similar style to the victory against Warriors (managed a whole paragraph without mentioning it) with no early goals. Eventually the drought was broken with Manchester 1 being awarded a penalty, which Captain Coops coolly converted. The lead didn’t last for long and Nick Wilkins equalised almost immediately. Regaining the lead looked on the cards when Manchester 1 were again awarded a penalty, but just like in the victory against Warriors (got it in again), they couldn’t convert the opportunity. Not to worry though as Josie Wright scored her 5th goal of the season from right under the post. Distracted by the sorry-looking droopy korf she sent the ball into the stratosphere but it finally came down and the team in orange were relieved to see it finally drop in. The phrase “opened the flood gates” is never more applicable and five great goals followed for Manchester 1, following some fantastic attacking play.


Unfamiliar with having such a lead, Manchester 1 then panicked and let in a few goals – just to make themselves feel comfortable! The score quickly went from 7-1 to 8-4 and the match no longer seemed to be heading for a straightforward victory. Birmingham scored with a great long shot to open the second half but it wasn’t long before the boys were back in goal town, lead by Kris whose frustrating run of near misses was finally put to bed with a stunning 5 goals. Not wishing to be outdone, Captain Coops scored a ‘champagne korfball’ runner whilst Ben and Ant competed to see who could score from closest to the halfway line without actually stepping over it. You’d be nothing without the girls setting you up though remember, boys!


A flurry of late goals could do nothing to halt the inevitable and when the final whistle went it was another job well done for Manchester 1 and another performance to be proud of. The team who struggled to get enough goals to count on more then one hand last year need all their fingers and toes this year! Who thought being sent to Coventry was a bad thing?


Final Score: Birmingham City 8-17 Manchester 1

Referee: Richard Crossley


Team List

Lucy McConnell

Soo Watmough

Ben Nickerson (5)

Ant Finn (3)

Josie Wright (1)

Cat English

Joe Cooper (3)

Kris Johnson (5)

Match Report: Manchester 1 vs Warriors 1 - 6th November 2011

posted 17 Nov 2011, 05:24 by Anna Flanders   [ updated 17 Nov 2011, 06:02 by Stuart Anderson ]

This weekend saw the first real Manchester derby of the season. Forget United vs City, we all know the game of the year is Manchester 1 vs Warriors 1.We also know the way that game goes don’t we? Manchester 1 battle hard, put up a good fight and come away with nothing as usual?

There’s nothing like a bit of social media to get things hotting up and the fighting talk started before the game with Warriors tweeting that even though Manchester 1 had a strong team this season and Warriors had Kev Jones missing (international duty) the ‘bookies’ still favoured Warriors to win by 5. Unwittingly this provided Manchester 1 with the perfect content for their pre-match motivational team talk. Could the underdog finally get the better of their bitter blue rivals?

The game had a tense start with neither defence giving anything away but the deadlock was finally broken when Lucy McConnell put the ball through the korf from the penalty spot. It wasn’t long before Mike Brayne and his partner in crime Mel Meshkat had managed to give Warriors the edge and the three (MKC) spectators began to fear that the ‘bookies’ might have been right after all. No need to panic though as Captain Coops levelled from the spot and Ant made it 3-2 with a mid-range (for him) goal. A bit of goal tennis followed and as the referee called time on the first half Manchester 1 had a one goal advantage.

Three Warriors goals straight after half time put them back in the lead and with the momentum firmly with the home side at this point Captain Coops made the best decision of the match and called a timeout. Manchester 1 came together and fired themselves up to recapture the first half play and snatch the advantage back. Ant and Joe fired home with two great goals and it was ‘game on’ again. Undeterred, Mel pulled another back for Warriors and with the score at 8-8 something had to give. The next five minutes was going to be make or break for both sides. Ant, Ben and Soo got three goals in quick succession and put Manchester 1 3 goals up. Could the unthinkable be about to happen?

Manchester 1 knew that all they had to do was keep the defence pressure on and hold onto their lead but Warriors would never make this easy. Mel was there again with another goal and the lead was down to two. Never passing up the opportunity to give a ‘live’ demonstration, Ben was giving his new division mates a few tactical instructions and managed to pop a couple of goals in for fun! With the lead now 4 goals it looked like a momentous victory was about to be had. Not even a late penalty from Paul Blood could stop Manchester 1 and when the final whistle was blown you’d have thought they’d won the World Cup! Manchester 1 had waited years for this moment and it didn’t get better than that.

Final Score: Warriors 1 10-13 Manchester 1

Just in case you missed that...

Final Score: Warriors 1 10-13 Manchester 1 – Tweet that!

Referee: Dave Ansell
Team List
Josie Wright
Lucy McConnell (2)
Ben Nickerson (4)
Ant Finn (3)
Soo Watmough (1)
Cat English
Joe Cooper (3)
Kris Johnson
Substitutes: Michael Richards, Paul Dewey
Sick Note: Anna Flanders

Match Report: Manchester 1 vs Leeds City 1 - 23rd October 2011

posted 31 Oct 2011, 06:47 by Stuart Anderson   [ updated 18 Nov 2011, 01:38 ]

Sunday saw the first of the ‘Battle of the Roses’ fixtures with Leeds making the trip across the inevitably grim M62 to take on a Manchester 1 team riding high on their victory in the first game of the season two weeks before.

Only a couple of the team made it through the previous game unscathed with blisters, muscle strains and bruised ribs taking their toll on the rest. It looked like things were getting worse not better when Captain Coops had to pull out and Flimsy Flanders didn’t make it through the warm up. Luckily Soo stepped in to save the day, fresh from 90 minutes of football an hour before and raring to go (not technically a direct quote)! 

Manchester 1 were a bit slow out of the blocks and let in two goals almost immediately but instead of moping about, heads went up and they stepped up and took the game to Leeds, leaving the scoring problems of last season far behind them. At the second change the score was 3-1 and from then onwards they matched Leeds almost goal for goal.

With undeterred team spirit, Manchester 1 battled on and put away some fine goals, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at a Leeds team who were getting rattled by the resistance they faced. With less than10 minutes to go Ant scored one of his now famous “crowd pleasers” – if he was allowed to we all know he’d try and shoot from the other half! The crowd (ok crowd might be a slight exaggeration but what they lacked in numbers they made up for in noise) did indeed go wild and it seemed like the comeback could be on. Last year’s annihilation in the away fixture was a distant memory. If only the game could have carried on for another half an hour we might have had an upset on our hands…and probably some more blisters and muscle strains!

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be this time and at the final whistle Leeds had held on to take the points. Make no mistakes, though, this might not have been a win but it’s a great result against the team who won this league last year. It’s ok to celebrate a loss – we’re British after all! 

Final score: Manchester 1 10-14 Leeds City 1

Referee: Kevin Moss

Team List:
Josie Wright (1)
Soo Watmough
Ben Nickerson (3)
Kris Johnson (1)
Lucy McConnell
Cat English
Craig Wilkinson (3)
Ant Finn (3)

Injury Subs: Michael Richards, Paul Dewey

Sick Note: Anna Flanders

Match Report: Manchester 1 vs. Birmingham Uni - 9th October 2011

posted 31 Oct 2011, 06:43 by Stuart Anderson   [ updated 18 Nov 2011, 01:38 ]

A new season and a new look for Manchester City 1 and we’re not just talking about the new bright orange (think tangoed) kits! The two summer signings of Ben Nickerson and Josie Wright completed the line up and they settled in straight away with Josie even opening the scoring (although she’ll tell you she hates shooting)!

Usually held together by a combination of tape and ankle braces, this time Anna “Darren Anderton” Flanders had to perform some emergency “Blue Peter” physio, turning up in her dad’s old knee support and a pair of flight socks! Full body armour might be coming into play by the end of the season. Kris had made sure he didn’t tell Josie she was running for two until the car doors were locked and they were on the M6. 

Manchester 1 were ahead from the start and gelled well together even though they hadn’t played in those divisions or even together before. Shots were flying up all over the place and for every one that didn’t make it into the basket Cat English (the collecting machine) was gathering up and recycling.

With a few minutes to go it looked like Manchester 1 had the victory wrapped up but with tiredness (and immobility) creeping in the scored was reduced from 12-7 to 12-9 in the final minute. Manchester 1 held on to the final whistle and celebrated a win on the opening day. That was the easy bit…then came the limping to the car and Coops trying to get his shoes back on! 

Final Score: University of Birmingham 9-12 Manchester 1 

Referee: Richard Crossley

Team List:
Josie Wright (2)
Anna Flanders (3)
Ben Nickerson (1)
Kris Johnson (1)
Lucy McConnell (1)
Cat English
Joe Cooper (2)
Ant Finn (2)

Squads for 2011-12 announced...

posted 25 Oct 2011, 13:51 by Stuart Anderson   [ updated 25 Oct 2011, 13:58 ]

Well done to everyone for last seasons league efforts.  Let's make this year just as successful.  The squads for 2011-12 will be.... 

<drum roll...>

Manchester 1
Anna Flanders                            Joe Cooper (C)
Catherine English                       Ben Nickerson
Josie Wright                               Kristian Johnson
Lucy McConnell                          Anthony Finn

Manchester 2
Jenny Whitehead                        Craig Wilkinson
Cathy Johnson                           Craig MacLeay
Karen Harrison                          Simon Willies
Becky Ward                               Michael Richards
Susan Watmough                       Paul Dewey

Manchester Bengals
Sally Corfield                             John Schofield
Angela Corfield                          Saul Thorne
Lisa McEvoy                              Chris Floyd
Yvonne Brittle                           Craig Kitchener
Rebecca Lowe                           Stuart Anderson

Manchester Renegades
Holly O'Neill                               Dave Merrell
Jess Bernasconi                         Steven Kay
Lauren Eastwood                       John Casson
Siobhan Donohoe                       Mike Wymer
Karen Tidmas                             Paul Benstead
Sally Lawlor                               Graham Quinton
Victoria Richardson
Helen Skedgel
Helen Powell
Leanne Wilkinson

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