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Match Report: Birmingham City vs Manchester 1, 20th November 2011

posted 22 Nov 2011, 12:35 by Anna Flanders

An 11th hour venue change saw Manchester 1 visiting Coventry this weekend to play a Birmingham City team full of new faces. With almost half their team from last season moving onto pastures new and Manchester 1 being in their best form for years it was unpredictable which way this match would go. Birmingham had suffered a shock defeat two weeks previously but with the return of their ‘big guns’ from World Cup duty in China things were looking up for them…until they couldn’t find a referee and Rich Crossley had to take charge instead of playing.


The game kicked off in similar style to the victory against Warriors (managed a whole paragraph without mentioning it) with no early goals. Eventually the drought was broken with Manchester 1 being awarded a penalty, which Captain Coops coolly converted. The lead didn’t last for long and Nick Wilkins equalised almost immediately. Regaining the lead looked on the cards when Manchester 1 were again awarded a penalty, but just like in the victory against Warriors (got it in again), they couldn’t convert the opportunity. Not to worry though as Josie Wright scored her 5th goal of the season from right under the post. Distracted by the sorry-looking droopy korf she sent the ball into the stratosphere but it finally came down and the team in orange were relieved to see it finally drop in. The phrase “opened the flood gates” is never more applicable and five great goals followed for Manchester 1, following some fantastic attacking play.


Unfamiliar with having such a lead, Manchester 1 then panicked and let in a few goals – just to make themselves feel comfortable! The score quickly went from 7-1 to 8-4 and the match no longer seemed to be heading for a straightforward victory. Birmingham scored with a great long shot to open the second half but it wasn’t long before the boys were back in goal town, lead by Kris whose frustrating run of near misses was finally put to bed with a stunning 5 goals. Not wishing to be outdone, Captain Coops scored a ‘champagne korfball’ runner whilst Ben and Ant competed to see who could score from closest to the halfway line without actually stepping over it. You’d be nothing without the girls setting you up though remember, boys!


A flurry of late goals could do nothing to halt the inevitable and when the final whistle went it was another job well done for Manchester 1 and another performance to be proud of. The team who struggled to get enough goals to count on more then one hand last year need all their fingers and toes this year! Who thought being sent to Coventry was a bad thing?


Final Score: Birmingham City 8-17 Manchester 1

Referee: Richard Crossley


Team List

Lucy McConnell

Soo Watmough

Ben Nickerson (5)

Ant Finn (3)

Josie Wright (1)

Cat English

Joe Cooper (3)

Kris Johnson (5)