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Match Report: Manchester 1 vs Leeds City 1 - 23rd October 2011

posted 31 Oct 2011, 06:47 by Stuart Anderson   [ updated 18 Nov 2011, 01:38 ]

Sunday saw the first of the ‘Battle of the Roses’ fixtures with Leeds making the trip across the inevitably grim M62 to take on a Manchester 1 team riding high on their victory in the first game of the season two weeks before.

Only a couple of the team made it through the previous game unscathed with blisters, muscle strains and bruised ribs taking their toll on the rest. It looked like things were getting worse not better when Captain Coops had to pull out and Flimsy Flanders didn’t make it through the warm up. Luckily Soo stepped in to save the day, fresh from 90 minutes of football an hour before and raring to go (not technically a direct quote)! 

Manchester 1 were a bit slow out of the blocks and let in two goals almost immediately but instead of moping about, heads went up and they stepped up and took the game to Leeds, leaving the scoring problems of last season far behind them. At the second change the score was 3-1 and from then onwards they matched Leeds almost goal for goal.

With undeterred team spirit, Manchester 1 battled on and put away some fine goals, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at a Leeds team who were getting rattled by the resistance they faced. With less than10 minutes to go Ant scored one of his now famous “crowd pleasers” – if he was allowed to we all know he’d try and shoot from the other half! The crowd (ok crowd might be a slight exaggeration but what they lacked in numbers they made up for in noise) did indeed go wild and it seemed like the comeback could be on. Last year’s annihilation in the away fixture was a distant memory. If only the game could have carried on for another half an hour we might have had an upset on our hands…and probably some more blisters and muscle strains!

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be this time and at the final whistle Leeds had held on to take the points. Make no mistakes, though, this might not have been a win but it’s a great result against the team who won this league last year. It’s ok to celebrate a loss – we’re British after all! 

Final score: Manchester 1 10-14 Leeds City 1

Referee: Kevin Moss

Team List:
Josie Wright (1)
Soo Watmough
Ben Nickerson (3)
Kris Johnson (1)
Lucy McConnell
Cat English
Craig Wilkinson (3)
Ant Finn (3)

Injury Subs: Michael Richards, Paul Dewey

Sick Note: Anna Flanders