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Match Report: Manchester 1 vs Warriors 1 - 6th November 2011

posted 17 Nov 2011, 05:24 by Anna Flanders   [ updated 17 Nov 2011, 06:02 by Stuart Anderson ]
This weekend saw the first real Manchester derby of the season. Forget United vs City, we all know the game of the year is Manchester 1 vs Warriors 1.We also know the way that game goes don’t we? Manchester 1 battle hard, put up a good fight and come away with nothing as usual?

There’s nothing like a bit of social media to get things hotting up and the fighting talk started before the game with Warriors tweeting that even though Manchester 1 had a strong team this season and Warriors had Kev Jones missing (international duty) the ‘bookies’ still favoured Warriors to win by 5. Unwittingly this provided Manchester 1 with the perfect content for their pre-match motivational team talk. Could the underdog finally get the better of their bitter blue rivals?

The game had a tense start with neither defence giving anything away but the deadlock was finally broken when Lucy McConnell put the ball through the korf from the penalty spot. It wasn’t long before Mike Brayne and his partner in crime Mel Meshkat had managed to give Warriors the edge and the three (MKC) spectators began to fear that the ‘bookies’ might have been right after all. No need to panic though as Captain Coops levelled from the spot and Ant made it 3-2 with a mid-range (for him) goal. A bit of goal tennis followed and as the referee called time on the first half Manchester 1 had a one goal advantage.

Three Warriors goals straight after half time put them back in the lead and with the momentum firmly with the home side at this point Captain Coops made the best decision of the match and called a timeout. Manchester 1 came together and fired themselves up to recapture the first half play and snatch the advantage back. Ant and Joe fired home with two great goals and it was ‘game on’ again. Undeterred, Mel pulled another back for Warriors and with the score at 8-8 something had to give. The next five minutes was going to be make or break for both sides. Ant, Ben and Soo got three goals in quick succession and put Manchester 1 3 goals up. Could the unthinkable be about to happen?

Manchester 1 knew that all they had to do was keep the defence pressure on and hold onto their lead but Warriors would never make this easy. Mel was there again with another goal and the lead was down to two. Never passing up the opportunity to give a ‘live’ demonstration, Ben was giving his new division mates a few tactical instructions and managed to pop a couple of goals in for fun! With the lead now 4 goals it looked like a momentous victory was about to be had. Not even a late penalty from Paul Blood could stop Manchester 1 and when the final whistle was blown you’d have thought they’d won the World Cup! Manchester 1 had waited years for this moment and it didn’t get better than that.

Final Score: Warriors 1 10-13 Manchester 1

Just in case you missed that...

Final Score: Warriors 1 10-13 Manchester 1 – Tweet that!

Referee: Dave Ansell
Team List
Josie Wright
Lucy McConnell (2)
Ben Nickerson (4)
Ant Finn (3)
Soo Watmough (1)
Cat English
Joe Cooper (3)
Kris Johnson
Substitutes: Michael Richards, Paul Dewey
Sick Note: Anna Flanders