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Match Report: Manchester 1 vs Warriors 1, 5th February 2012

posted 12 Feb 2012, 03:52 by Anna Flanders   [ updated 12 Feb 2012, 03:55 ]
This Sunday saw the return fixture of the Manchester korfball derby. After suffering their first ever defeat to Manchester 1 at the Velodrome back in November, Warriors 1 were ready for revenge. They made the short trip to Sale determined not to suffer the same fate again.

Warriors gave a call to arms via Twitter earlier in the week, asking for a ten goal win but Manchester 1 weren’t going to make revenge that easy for them. Both defences were watertight to start with and a few minutes of tense action went by before Captain Coops finally found the korf and broke the deadlock. It had begun to look like one of those days for him with his first few shots narrowly missing. The floodgates opened, albeit temporarily and Manchester 1 glided to a 3-0 head start. It’s not like Warriors to roll over though and just as Manchester United were turning 0-3 into 3-3, Warriors turned 1-4 into 4-4 and it was game on.

Warriors managed to edge ahead just before half time and with the buzzer just beating them to another goal the teams paused at 5-6. After the break, a close game followed and Warriors just kept their noses in front. With three minutes to go they had opened up a three goal lead and held on until the final whistle. The hard fought game finally finished 14-11 to the blues, an aggregate score for the season of 24-24, which it has to be said is about right.